Dear Colleague,

We are happy to host the upcoming 9th International Art Conference in Jerusalem on Non-destructive Investigation and Analysis. The success of twenty years of Art conferences throughout Europe has set the background for Art2008. The main objective of Art2008 is to bring together experts in non-destructive evaluation and material analysis with professionals from the fields of preservation of cultural heritage, archeology, art history and architectural researchers of ancient structures.

Non-destructive methods of analysis have become a routine in many areas of technology, engineering and medicine. With a growing number of application areas, non-destructive analysis found its way into the world of art and archeology. Its advantage over sampling is obvious in the cases of unique objects of cultural heritage. Continuous improvement of sensitivity and reliability has caused non-destructive investigations to become a preferred approach even in cases where microanalysis sampling is permitted.

Many non-destructive techniques and evaluation methods applied in the natural sciences offer advantages to cultural heritage preservation. The synergy between experts will lead to the continuous development and adjustments of new scientific methods and their application in the fields of preservation, reconstruction and diagnostics of museum and archeological objects.

We look forward to your attending Art2008 and participating in its high level scientific program and entertaining social and cultural events. Israel provides the unique atmosphere of a modern vibrant society existing alongside the archeological and historic sites and the climax is Jerusalem, the City of King David. We see the conference as a milestone event for the conservation and preservation of the spiritual heritage of Israel for the benefit of humanity.

Prof. Amos Notea
Conference Chairman

“No life without roots, no identity without history, no future without past”
HRH the Prince Consort of Denmark, President of Europa Nostra